Daily Tee: Fresh Air custom t-shirt design by _S3_

The planet is doomed but these birds had a good apocalypse plan. Two birds in gas masks, maybe the only survivors left after global melt-down. The Tee carries a message warning us of a future that we do not want.… Continue Reading

Rock Instinct custom t-shirt design by kreadid

T-shirt design by kreadid T-shirt available at lafraise.com  

Tattoo Girl tank design from etsy

Tank available at etsy.com  

Daily tee: Smoking Dromedary t-shirt design by georgeslemercenaire

T-shirt design by georgeslemercenaire You can buy this t-shirt from lafraise.com  

Daily Tee: Anthropic t-shirt design by Imaginary

We see the universe the way it is because if it were different we would not be here to observe it. You can buy this t-shirt from imaginaryfoundation.com  

Daily Tee: French Bulldog t-shirt design

Oui oui, huh huh! Et bonjour! I am zee French bulldog! I am not like zee English bulldog, non non! English bulldog is — how you say? — big and slow. Zey have big heads and — what is zee… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Noisy Detective by georgeslemercenaire

This beautiful illustration of a pipe-smoking, fiddle-playing fox detective is full of imagination and mystery. A symphony for the most famous of detectives: a refined graphic t-shirt design that Sherlock would be proud to have worn. T-shirt designed by georgeslemercenaire… Continue Reading