Daily Tee: Sentinela custom t-shirt design by Robson Borges

Sentinela Custom T-shirt Design Girl main image

Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It T-shirt designed by robsonborges You can buy this t-shirt from camiseteria  

Daily Tee: Uprising t-shirt design, by David Creighton-Pester

UPRISINGDesign by David Creighton-Pester Custom T-shirt Design main image

Pin It Pin It Pin It T-shirt designed by David Creighton-Pester You can buy this t-shirt from threadless.com  

Batman! 30 awesome t-shirts to transform you into the Dark Knight

Dark Knight Rises Epic Battle T-Shirt custom design

Batman T Shirt by NESaSTA Pin It Batman Dark Knight Armor Costume & Cape T-Shirt from superherostuff.com Pin It Pin It Gotham Is Ashes by spacemonkeydr Pin It Villains Unleashed – Batman from buycoolshirts.com Pin It Arise by silentOp Pin… Continue Reading

Grey Knight Armored hoodie by Chadwick J. Dillon

GREY KNIGHT custom armor jacket hoodie design

Pin It Pin It Pin It More than just a hooded sweatshirt, this is the only hoodie built like a suit of armor. Featuring attached chest plates, spauldrons, rebracers, couters and gauntlets and moveable/removable faceplate and visor, this is the… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Dark Knight from The Mountain

Dark Knight

Pin It Dark Knight tee can be bought from shop.themountain.me