Daily Tee: Total Poison and Vicious Vices custom t-shirts designs by seventhink

Avoid the poisons of the mind, overcome them given time. From seventhink.com Pride and glory intertwine, add the poison and lose the time. From seventhink.com Available at seventhink.com  

Daily Tee: Tyrannosaurus RockStar t-shirt design by seventhink

Straight out of the Jurassic Period comes the Tyrannosaurus Rockstar, a kickin’ dinosaur who knows how to wail. T-shirt available at seventhink.com  

Egyptian Ankh t-shirt design in black with gold foil

From The Doll Boutique Egyptian Collection. Round neck longline t-shirt with feature gold foil Ankh print on the front. Printed in the UK. You can buy this t-shirt from dollboutique.co.uk  

Daphne & Apollo custom t-shirt design by enclothe.com

Daphne was Apollo’s first love. She was an independent-minded, young huntress. Her father, was a great river god wished her to marry and have children, but all Daphne wanted was to explore alone in the deep woods. One day Apollo… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Da Vinci Rock Man t-shirt design

The discovery of a series of previously unknown drawings by Leonardo da Vinci have revealed that the famed artist/inventor/scientist was even more ahead of his time than anyone realized. “We knew that da Vinci conceived ideas vastly ahead of his… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Oni Geisha t-shirt design by Chris Parks

Geisha, geiko or geigi are traditional Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses and whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music, dance and games. T-shirt designed by Chris Parks – Pale Horse design. You can buy… Continue Reading