What can men wear on a night out to a casino?

People often bemoan the fact that men have fewer options than women when it comes to clothes, but one time that this is not the case is if you are going to a fancy dress theme party somewhere like a casino. Many casinos have some sort of dress code, at night if not during the daytime, which will restrict your choice of dress – but the one time that this does not apply is if you and a group of friends have booked a casino for a fancy dress party night. These tips should help you dress to impress whatever sort of night you have planned.

The dress codes employed by the smaller casinos outside of the main cities do not tend to be nearly as strict as those of the really expensive casinos in places like London, Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. For an evening at your local casino, smart casual dress (trousers, not jeans and a shirt) should be totally acceptable, while also being comfortable enough to wear for an evening hitting the slots, or the poker and baccarat tables. A full suit and tie combination will be required if you are planning to visit one of the really major casinos in London, Las Vegas or other such locales, but you may decide to take that even further by opting for a 007 style tuxedo.

You could play at home at http://www.gamingclub.com/nz and wear something easy and quick to put on. But what if your invited to a party? This can often feature fancy dress. One popular theme is gangster, and choosing a suit with pinstripes and gangster hat will be perfect, although you can hit the jackpot if you add accessories like a money belt bulging with fake money – giving you that high roller look. Another popular idea for these parties is to dress up like a retro gentleman of leisure, in tuxedo, silk scarf and top hat – with opera gloves and a pocket watch being the perfect accessories for this kind of get-up.



Stay Fancy! ;)

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