13 funny typographic t-shirts: Chubby, Bearded and Awesome by Dpcted

Bearded For Your Pleasure

Chubby & Tattooed Bearded & Awesome

Chubby And Harder To Kidnap

Chubby By Choice Cuddly By Nature

Chubby Single & Ready For A Pringle

Chubby Taken And Ready For Some Bacon

Im Chubby Let’s Party

I’m Not Chubby, I’m Just Easy To See

It’s About To Get Awesome

Love Sucks Let’s Cuddle

Mustache Rides Inquire Here

My Beard Started To Grow A Beard

No Beard No Dice

Like to cuddle? Like suggestive shirts? This is the best of both worlds. Show the world just how much you like to cuddle. Lets face it, chubby bearded guys are all the rage. Show them just how much you love them with this shirt. Are you a beard man? Have a crazy manly beard that looks like it might even have a beard of its own? Yeah, thought so. This shirt is for you sirs.

You can buy the t-shirts from storenvy.com

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Stay Fancy! ;)

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