YO JOE! T-shirt Design by Evan Ferstenfeld and Mathiole

YO JOE! T-shirt Design by Evan Ferstenfeld and Mathiole

Immortan Joe is the cult leader that rules The Citadel. He controls water pumps that extract water from artesian wells deep below the wasteland. He barters water for what he needs from Gas Town and Bullet Farm. His followers believe that he is immortal and will reward their obedience and sacrifice in this world with a place in the afterlife.

Immortan Joe was formerly a military officer. He gets his name from his dog tags, which read “Morton, Joe”. Joe wears a clear plastic torso covering and face mask that looks like armor, but is actually designed to aid in helping him breathe. It is covered with medals, many which he made up himself for his own accomplishments. He is actually very sick and has large visible tumors under his armor.

You can buy this tee from threadless.


Stay Fancy! ;)

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