The Good, the Mad and the Ugly T-shirt Design by ddjvigo

The Good, the Mad and the Ugly Tee Design by
Denis Orio Ibañez a.k.a. ddjvigo
Hüman / Spain / Member Since September 2013

The Good : Batman, created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, made his first appearance in Detective Comics (DC) #27 in May 1939. As a child, billionaire Bruce Wayne watched helplessly as his parents Thomas and Martha were shot and killed by a petty mugger named Joe Chill. Upon witnessing their deaths, the young Wayne took an oath of vengeance against crime so that no one else would have to suffer the tragedy that he had.

The Mad : Appearing to be the most evil, deranged, and flat out psychotic killer of all comic book villains, The Joker is the primary antagonist of Batman. He is the complete opposite of Batman, in everything from appearance (Batman tends to be a rather large and muscular man, while The Joker is typically a man of average height or even taller possessing a skinny frame), to ideals. The Joker views murder as sport, and will not hesitate to toy with his food before he eats it, even if said food are the men he has hired to work for him. As intimidating as he is psychotic, he still manages to recruit hordes of henchmen despite his maniacal insanity.

The Ugly : Harvey Dent begins his career as the district attorney of Gotham City. A criminal act, involving acid, transforms Dent into the insane pseudo villain known as Two-Face.

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