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Dragon’s bane T-shirt Design by Samiel
Hüman / Spain / Member Since November 2014

Arrow! Black arrow! I have saved you to the last. You have never failed me and always I have recovered you
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Electro Music T-shirt Design by Budi Satria Kwan a.k.a. radiomode
Hüman / United Kingdom / Member Since July 2007

Music sounds like electric lightning bolt. Electronic dance music, edm.
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Yin Yang Koi Fishes T-shirt Design by Kingstone Lorenzo a.k.a. Enotsgnik
Hüman / United States / Member Since December 2013

There is always a balance in life, but you have to work for it.
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-=Howling Session=- T-shirt Design by Raymond Escarpe a.k.a. Moncheng
Hüman / Philippines / Member Since May 2012

The pack has gathered for a Howling Session. The ultimate wolf shirt, this one will attract the wolf lovers and horror movie goers. Like a creepy horror movie art this awesome illustration really pops off the shirt. Available for men and woman this one will have you howling at the moon.
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Octopussy II T-shirt Design by Brian M Viveros a.k.a. BrianMViveros
Hüman / United States / Member Since May 2014

Hand painted by artist Brian M. Viveros.
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Rainbow Ornamental Skull T-shit design by Alit Suarnegara a.k.a. alitsuarnegara
Hüman / Indonesia / Member Since February 2015

Vintage style rainbow ornamental skull.
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Spaceman Sidejob T-shirt Design by Braunt Bacht a.k.a. Bacht
Hüman / Indonesia / Member Since July 2014

The Planet Vendor.
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Sherlock Holmes T-shirt design by Francis Minoza a.k.a. nicebleed
Hüman / Philippines / Member Since July 2008

Sherlock Holmes is the legendary great detective who solves even the most baffling cases with astute observation, deductive reasoning and very little people skills. As a “consulting detective,” he favors reason and logic above all else and makes very few personal attachments beyond those that benefit him. He calls himself a “high functioning sociopath” because he does not make friends or understand emotions very well, beyond what can be studied. You can buy this t-shirt from designbyhumans.com/a>

3 wise monkeys t-shirt design by Yannick Bouchard a.k.a. moutchy
Hüman / Canada / Member Since March 2012

Laugh all the way to the jungle in this awesome monkey T-shirt. See no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil in this hilarious tee. Monkeys pop off this black shirt, we are not monkeying around when we say this one is a popular choice. Get one before all your friends laugh at you for missing out! You can get this tee from designbyhumans.com

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