T-shirt review: ‘Wonderless’ shirt from DesignByHumans

Welcome to a new t-shirt review.

For this post and review we have chosen “Wonderless” by SheViper from DesignByHumans, men’s shirt, L size.

Delivery took about 3 weeks (again, we are located in Europe) and the package was shipped from Chico CA, USA and traveled via regular post on an A4 envelope labeled as priority. The package also contained besides the t-shirt a sticker and the shipping document from FedEx (mentioning as shipping method USPS First Class International Mail).

A very nice surprise regarding the sticker was that this is not only a sticker, but also a nice discount coupon with the message “Let’s do this again – coupon code – save 5% on your next order”. very nice of you DesignByHumans.

The t-shirt material is very smooth and the very large design is really impressive. Very nice and very clear details assured by a very good printing. The black and white lion design fits very well the grey / charcoal of the textile material.

The neck label is personalized with DesignByHumans logo and symbol and besides the size and washing details you can read the following message “Bringing Humans together from Around the world creating art and design that bring life to the soul. I am Human. This is DesignByHumans.” The t-shirt is 100% cotton and it was made in Nicaragua.

A small observation: if you are from Europe and you want to buy t-shirts from DesignByHumans as a gift you may consider doing this while keeping in mind a long delivery time (in our case 3 weeks). We assure you thou the it worth waiting, you will surely impress your friends or yourself with such nice t-shirts.

Our verdict? We recommend DesignByHumans for the details quality and especially if you like large impressive designs. You will surely make an impression wearing such well designed and printed tees.

Buy your “Wonderless” by SheViper from DesignByHumans
Visit DesignByHumans website www.designbyhumans.com


Stay Fancy! ;)

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