PIT BULL PUPPY T-shirt Design by creese

PIT BULL PUPPY T-shirt Design by Michael Creese a.k.a. creese
Hüman / United States / Member Since January 2015

I am a painter and illustrator from Pittsburgh, PA. I paint in the oil impasto style, a technique used in art where paint is laid thickly on canvas, leaving visible brush (or palette knife) strokes. When dry, impasto provides a great deal of texture to the finished painting. Over the years I have tried my hand at many different themes and a wide variety of painting mediums, but I always seem to find myself back at the easel with oils on the palette. Oil paints are a true delight to work with and they seem to express themselves effortlessly, as if on their own!

You can buy this t-shirt from designbyhumans.


Stay Fancy! ;)

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