Kratos T-shirt Design by Ledude

Kratos T-shirt Design by Ledude design

Kratos T-shirt Design by Ledude girl

Kratos T-shirt Design by Ledude man

Kratos T-shirt design by Ledude from France / Member Since January 2014

Kratos is a fictional video game character from Sony Santa Monica’s God of War series, which is loosely based on Greek mythology. Kratos first appeared in the 2005 video game God of War, which led to the development of six additional games featuring the character as the protagonist. Kratos also appears as the protagonist of the God of War comic series and novels. He has been consistently voiced by Terrence C. Carson, and Antony Del Rio voiced the character as a child in God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

You can get this tee from designbyhumans.


Stay Fancy! ;)

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