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Jon Snow by joysapphire
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Jon Snow is the bastard Son of Lord Ned Stark by an unknown mother.

Although he lives with his father, Jon does not know the identity of his mother since Ned has refused to admit her name to anyone, though he told King Robert Baratheon that her name was Wylla, a servant in the employ of House Dayne of Dorne.

Ned raised Jon alongside his natural born sons Robb, Bran, and Rickon, but Ned’s wife Catelyn has always resented him and treated him with disdain and Jon has always felt like an outsider, never really part of the family. Ned’s daughter Arya, however, is close to Jon and he gives her a sword named Needle.

When Ned leaves King’s Landing to become Hand of the King for Robert Baratheron, Jon decides to join the Night’s Watch. It is here that the skills that were passed on to him by Ned come to light as Jon becomes a natural born leader with a strong code of ethics and an effective warrior when battling at and beyond the Wall.

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