Here’s the Top 25 T Shirt Designs of 2013 from Design By Humans!

25. Epic Combo #23 by biotwist. Tee available at
What’s better than an astronaut riding a unicorn through a rainbow star trail? That’s right, nothing. This tee just screams awesomeness!

24. The Escape by Ingkong. Tee available at

Bright orange and black brush strokes paint this detailed illustration of an epic ninja leaping through the trees. This definitely 1-UPS the Karate Kid, sorry Mr. Miyagi. A great Ninja moves. A ninja leaps from the trees and it only visible against the moon. This cool ninja tee is only available at Design By Humans. Bright oranges and black silhouettes make this detailed illustration cool and fashionable.

23. Goliath by Artemple. Tee available at

AAH! This ferocious lion has killed and he’s ready for more. You’re sure to scare off your enemies in this fierce design.

22. �Tiger! by WinterArtwork. Tee available at

Have you ever been attacked by an imaginary tiger? Nothing brings back childhood memories like this comical parody design of a boy and his stuffed tiger. Ever been attacked my an imaginary muai tiger? What’s to happen with this classic comic. Pounce on this spin off of Calvin and Hobbes today! Tiger! is a graphic tee that will captivate the hearts of many. Any Calvin and Hobbes fan will immediately connect with this cool shirt. It is a T Shirt for all who want to pay a unique tribute to one of our favorite comic strips.

21. Tree Of Lightnings by Sebasebi. Tee available at

Talk about bad weather! Light up your world with this awesome design that shows an impressive lightning cloud creating the shape of a tree. Light up your world with this sweet lightning graphic tee. A cloud above creates a lightning storm in the shape of a tree. This powerful tree will have you striking the eyes of many. This men’s shirt us available in a limited number of colors due to its monochromatic scheme.

20. Whitespot by Artemple. Tee Available at

Paint splashes and bright colors create this wild tiger with a killer expression! Get in touch with your wild side in this fierce all-over design.Get in touch with your wild style with this incredible tiger art.This tiger is made up of paint splashes and strokes. It’s unique and wild with a killer expression. Go wild and own this amazing art work.

19. Eastern Sunset by Pinkstorm. Tee available at

When was the last time you saw things from a different point of view? Take time to pause and see the beauty of nature around you in this bright ocean scene. Sometimes, we tend to pause and think of how to get away from the busy environment around us. The mood that is being depicted in this art somehow takes us to a different view of the horizon.

18. Dream Quest by qetza. Tee available at

The owl has been known as a totem of inner wisdom, the ability to extract secrets. Let the sacred owl guide you in your dreams, whether awake or in slumber. This Dream Catching T shirt will impress all who gaze upon this anciently themed piece. Hieroglyphics, a dream catcher, the wise owl and sacred feather s all make this T Shirt completely hardcore.

17. Impossible Call Box by DrSpazmo. Tee available at

Impress your Dr Who fantom! The impossible becomes possible in this mind-blowing call box parody design. The impossible can happen when you are in Dr Who’s call box. This cool parody art mixes impossible shapes and the awesome TV show Dr Who. Get this funny parody art and show your fandom. The impossible is now possible.

16. The Thinker by buko. Tee available at

Don’t underestimate the power of a single idea! Your thoughts control your destiny in this surrealistic design.Get our thoughts on with The Thinker. This is a T Shirt that is all about the power of thought. Do not underestimate the power that all man truly has with such an awesome T Shirt Design. The character on this graphic tee is here to remind us that he who controls his thought, controls his destiny. This shirt is available in a large variety of colors and sizes.

15. Man On The Moon by collisiontheory. Tee available at

Get out of this world in this astronaut & Neil Armstrong tribute design.
“That’s One Small Step For Man; One Giant Leap For Mankind…”
Dedicated to Neil Armstrong. Get out of this world with this awesome space graphic tee. This shirt is homage to all astronauts. Man On The Moon is a cerebral piece of art, which you can now rock on this awesome T shirt! This is a men’s shirt that it strait up jaw dropping. With a huge view of Earth from Outer Space this T Shirt Design is one for the ages.

14. Re-Born by jun087. Tee available at

A beautiful Japanese tree is reborn from knowledge in this unique nature tee.
Back to nature..a beautiful flower plant is “reborn” from books. A curious little bird was attracted and surely you’ll be attracted by this beautifully illustrated piece too. Grab one while it’s still looks beautiful.

13. Majestic Spell by Studio8worx. Tee available at

This amazing design is the 4th Place Winner of our Diablo III T Shirt Design Contest with Blizzard Entertainment. Bright paint splatters & glowing eyes create a spooky witch doctor from the video game series Diablo.
Studio8worx artwork explodes across this design like a Diablo rainbow. The unique style, the witchdoctor details and the unquestionable brilliance shine through in this piece. Taking 4th place in the Blizzard Diablo contest, Majestic Spell is destined for greatness. Get this unique art and excellent interpretation of the famous Diablo witchdoctor character.

12. Time Fiction by zerobriant. Tee available at

Doctor Who and Pulp Fiction combine in this epic Pop Culture Mashup Tee! Travel through time and get down to business in this epic design. Doctor Who meets Pulp Fiction! Well they are pretty badass Doctors Hold on for this wild T Shirt ride! Dr. Who meets Pulp Fiction with our latest design, Time Fiction. Personally with think this graphic tee is pretty much awesome. Travel time and get to business with this awesome T shirt design. This retro themed men’s shirt is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

11. Love is Stronger by Andysimny. Tee available at

This year the Philippines was hit with the devastating Typhoon Haiyan. With the help of our artists in the Philippines, we began the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Collective to help those affected. 100% of the proceeds were donated to the Red Cross Haiyan Relief Fund. This beautiful watercolor design was one of our best-selling designs. Andysimny is one of the artists in Philippines that was able to survive the wrath of Mother Nature, there are more victims who are indeed helpless and highly need our help. Through this effort we can make a difference. This art has been donated and proceeds from its sale will go to help the people of the Philippines. Support today.

10. Pocket Panda by Winardi. Tee available at

What could be cuter than a baby panda in your pocket? Take this chubby little guy for a ride with you in this adorable design.
Bring this cute little panda along with you.

9. Space Panda by Ingkong. Tee available at

Explore space in a whole new way with this bold, neon panda design. Photo-real art meets unique colors on this top selling tee of 2013.A colorful funny panda shirt for all those space explorations enthusiast. Hope you like this one.

8. Wild POP Thing by expo. Available at

It’s the eyes of the tiger, it’s the thrill of his bite! Get retro in the wild halftone & neon colored design that pops off a black shirt with a wild style.Get retro with Wild POP Thing. This Neon classic is a shirt that we all had on our wish list. It’s urban and it’s cool, a T Shirt Design that has bite and not to mention epic color. This graphic tee is one you can rock on any urban street while knowing you’re the retro king or queen. Get up close to this men’s shirt and you will notice a character like feel that is fiercely feline.

7. The Spaceman’s Trip by gloopz. Available at

Have you got the world on a string? Show your love for cosmic space stuff in this quirky spaceman design. Lets celebrate national spaceman day! show your love for cosmic space stuff with this tee.

6. Tears of Colors by Moncheng. Tee available at

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Bright, neon colors are sure to make a bold fashion statement in this beautiful design.

5. Skull & Crossbones by wotto. Available at

ARR, Matey’s! Grab a bottle of rum and y’arr like a pirate in this awesome vector design by Design By Humans’ creative director. This skull art is for pirates, simple graphics lovers and dangerous people. The icon of the skull and crossbones speaks all languages and transcends gender, race and wealth. It talks the language of pirates and death and there aint no cooler than that.

4. No King by kdeuce. Tee available at

Beautiful brushwork and pen strokes show the creation of this flowing, regal design. Become a proud King Of The Jungle in this top selling tee. This one is for all the leaders and Leos out there. This T shirt is for those who refuse to be lead by others. This amazing graphic tee is stunning and regal. Featuring a proud lion gracing us with his majestic presence all while being gently adorned by a golden crown.

3. Technicolour Panda by dzeri29. Tee available at

See past the black and white of this stunning animal! Start living in a technicolor world with this splattered and spray-painted design.

2. Poked to Death by zerobriant. Tee available at

Impress your friends! Pokemon meets Star Wars in the epic pop culture mashup design. May the Force Be With You, or Do You Gotta Catch Em All?! YOU DECIDE! Pokemon meets Star Wars ! Design: First printed here and loved by many, it was featured in many shows and magazines Like Nerlocker, Pokemon World Magazine, G4 and much more! So get yourself a copy before it is gone again! For those who had it, I am pretty sure you need a fresh one!

1. The Happy Adventurer Tee by jun087. Tee available at

Say Hello to the NUMBER ONE T Shirt of 2013 on Design By Humans!
You can’t help but smile at this happy panda, complete with vintage helmet and patterned scarf.
This cute and happy panda (named 飛貓, means “flying cat”) in adventurer clad is ready to fly. The vintage helmet and the oriental cloud patterned red scarf make him looks so cool. Wear this now and you’ll be as happy as him too.

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