Frozen Kombat!! Tee Design by metrokard

Frozen Kombat!! DEsigned by metrokard
from United States / Member Since 2013

sa was born with the powers to create and control ice and snow. She was told as a little girl that her powers were beautiful but dangerous and she must learn to control them. Her and Anna’s parents died when she was 18.Three years later, she was crowned queen of Arendelle. On the night of her coronation , she let her powers loose and set off an eternal winter when Anna asked her why she shut her out. Elsa runs off and builds an ice castle so she can be free. Anna runs after her and when she finds her, she tells Elsa that she set off an eternal winter. Elsa freaks out and accidentally strikes Anna in the heart , which will now eventually freeze until she performs an act of true love. Hans find Elsa and takes her back to Arendelle’s prison, where she will be put on trial for treason. Elsa escapes and creates a blizzard. Hans tells her that Anna is dead thanks to her, and he tries to kill her when Anna ( not dead!!!)stops him before freezing solid. Elsa realizes what she has done and mourns for Anna.Anna thaws and Elsa realises that the way to control her powers is through love.She then lifts her spell on Arendelle and resumes duties as Queen of Arendelle.

You can get the Frozen T-shirt from designbyhumans.


Stay Fancy! ;)

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