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Here are some examples of the top designs from DesignByHumans

MR. WOLF by ikaruz
from Indonesia / Member Since 2014

Hmmm i think he is going to be a lawyer. Get this t-shirt from designbyhumans

Astronaut Cat by clingcling
from Philippines / Member Since 2013

Shht, the cat is purrring in space. Get this t-shirt from designbyhumans.

Looking for the Dragon Balls by ddjvigo
from Spain / Member Since 2013

Goku and his four stars ball. Get this one from designbyhumans.

Hokusai Gojira – Vintage Version by Mdk7
from Italy / Member Since 2014

The astonishing power of Godzilla, celebrated through a reinterpretation of The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. Available at designbyhumans.

Music Lover Cat V.II by clingcling
from Philippines / Member Since 2013

I will never be cool as this cat! Get this tee from designbyhumans.

The Quick Orange-Red Fox by kdeuce
from United States / Member Since 2008

Famously known for jumping over lazy dogs. Buy this tee from

Tonari No Totoro by victorsbeard
from Spain / Member Since 2011

Inspired by the genius work of Hayao Miyazaki and the wonderful and utterly surreal world of My Neighbor Totoro. Buy Tonari No Totoro t-shirt from designbyhumans.

I hate mornings by HappyHellodesign
from Canada / Member Since 2014

Who wants to get up early in the morning when you’re so comfy under your warm blanket? You can buy this tee from designbyhumans.

Summer Hunting by [email protected]
from Philippines / Member Since 2010

Happy hunting, but you ahve to wait for the summer. Go hunting with this tee from esignbyhumans.

Until The End Of The World by expo
from Mexico / Member Since 2010

A love story that trespassed time and space. Get this tee from designbyhumans.

And there are more t-shirt designs you can check Top 50 Men’s T Shirts and Top 50 Woman’s T Shirts or you can check out the New Designs Gallery. Just Remember to use FREESHIP code when ordering the t-shirts and you will recive free shipping!

Stay Fancy!


Stay Fancy! ;)

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