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Here are some examples of the top designs from DesignByHumans

MR. WOLF by ikaruz
from Indonesia / Member Since 2014

Hmmm i think he is going to be a lawyer. Get this t-shirt from designbyhumans

Astronaut Cat by clingcling
from Philippines / Member Since 2013

Shht, the cat is purrring in space. Get this t-shirt from designbyhumans.

Looking for the Dragon Balls by ddjvigo
from Spain / Member Since 2013

Goku and his four stars ball. Get this one from designbyhumans.

Hokusai Gojira – Vintage Version by Mdk7
from Italy / Member Since 2014

The astonishing power of Godzilla, celebrated through a reinterpretation of The Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai. Available at designbyhumans.

Music Lover Cat V.II by clingcling
from Philippines / Member Since 2013

I will never be cool as this cat! Get this tee from designbyhumans.

The Quick Orange-Red Fox by kdeuce
from United States / Member Since 2008

Famously known for jumping over lazy dogs. Buy this tee from

Tonari No Totoro by victorsbeard
from Spain / Member Since 2011

Inspired by the genius work of Hayao Miyazaki and the wonderful and utterly surreal world of My Neighbor Totoro. Buy Tonari No Totoro t-shirt from designbyhumans.

I hate mornings by HappyHellodesign
from Canada / Member Since 2014

Who wants to get up early in the morning when you’re so comfy under your warm blanket? You can buy this tee from designbyhumans.

Summer Hunting by
from Philippines / Member Since 2010

Happy hunting, but you ahve to wait for the summer. Go hunting with this tee from esignbyhumans.

Until The End Of The World by expo
from Mexico / Member Since 2010

A love story that trespassed time and space. Get this tee from designbyhumans.

And there are more t-shirt designs you can check Top 50 Men’s T Shirts and Top 50 Woman’s T Shirts or you can check out the New Designs Gallery. Just Remember to use FREESHIP code when ordering the t-shirts and you will recive free shipping!

Stay Fancy!


Stay Fancy! ;)

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