FREDDIE MERCURY T-shirt Design by Pablo Bustos

Hi! I’m Pablo Bustos ‘aka’ Wirdou. Wirdou started as a t-shirt designing adventure but it has grown and changed so much. I started making pop culture designs as a hobby a few years ago, and it soon became an actual job for a while. I got a little bit of fame and glory with my science-pop culture designs and after a while I decided to focus on science related designs. I currently work as a High School Biology teacher in Madrid, Spain. I LOVE being a teacher. Working in education is so great! Now I’m trying to mix all my passions together (designing and illustration, education, music, comedy, etc.). Lately I’ve developed a new project, with other science enthusiasts, called SCENIO, in which we share creative ways to spread science, and I’ve started trying stand-up comedy. Welcome! Stay tuned!

You can buy this t-shirt from threadless.


Stay Fancy! ;)

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