Daily Tee: Warrior Owl Tee Design by rcaldwell

This Owl is the leader in the new owl rebellion. Warrior Owl shows a strong line art drawing with a celtic element worked in. Beautiful line work fused with some cool colors makes for a unique and striking design. Take flight and own this amazing artwork today.

Tee design by rcaldwell
from United States / Member Since 2009

Rcaldwell: “Hello! My goal as an artist is to achieve a visual experience that is beautiful and serene with clean lines and movement, but that also contains elements of the strange, surreal, or dreamlike. I’m drawn to the complex line work involved in creating flowing hair, graffiti, or exposed muscles. I hope my viewer finds a combination of beauty and amusement in my concepts and subject matter”

You can buy this tee from designbyhumans.com

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Stay Fancy! ;)

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