ALLIED CATS BFT T-shirt Design

Zoologist John Edward Gray named a species of Indian jungle cat the ‘Allied Cat’ in 1830. Which opens up all kinds of questions, such as who – or what – are they allied with?

The BFT is cut to be unisex, and we recommend both guys and girls stick to your usual size. For ladies, it’s meant to be oversize – like you just stole it out of your boyfriend’s closet.

** 48HR means this piece is guaranteed to be available from 9am (AEST) Wednesday 26th April 2017, until 9am Friday 28th April 2017. After the 48 hours is over, any leftover stock will become LIMITED and we’ll start making your order just for you! We’ll aim to ship all orders of this piece by Monday 15th May.

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Stay Fancy! ;)

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