Daily Tee: Tuxedo Gangnam t-shirt, Gangnam style dance tux

You can buy it from: ebay

Just in case you’ve missed it (even thou we seriously doubt about it) here’s the Gangnam Style. Now you can listen it again and again while you try out your new Gangnam outfit.

Want more Gangman? Here you go:

Available for sale at: skreened.


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Stay Fancy! ;)
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3 Responses to "Daily Tee: Tuxedo Gangnam t-shirt, Gangnam style dance tux"

  1. Tarro Rautio says:

    Cheers for sharing. Appreciated.
    -Chinese Teddy Girl
    Mistress of Travel.
    Enjoyer of Starbucks.


  2. Chloe says:

    haha! the last tee is awesome! It’s always great when these type of tees are done well – and this one certainly is! :)


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