Daily Tee: Megan Fox in Moustache tees from Eleven Paris

Eleven Paris Megan Fox T-Shirt features V-neck with short sleeves. This White coloured T-Shirt for men has large graphic print of the sexy Megan Fox to the front with ‘life is a joke’ text to the bottom. It is designed in slim fit with straight hem. Megan Fox t-shirt is part of the collection Moustache tees, Life is a Joke from Eleven Paris, same as the following ones, EW and Chuck Norris. Barack Obama, Katy Perry, Queen Elizabeth II, Chuck Norris, Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Mona Lisa, Jacques Chirac are also part of this t-shirts series.

The Moustache t-shirts series are available at elevenparis.com
Info via stand-out.net

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