Daily Tee: Vanilla Skice custom t-shirt design by akrapf

Something’s in the air! This summer t-shirt combines what makes life sweet and delicious. A design that’s as uplifting as a balloon! T-shirt deisgn by akrapf You can buy this t-shirt from lafraise.com  

Daily Tee: Vanilla is Boring! t-shirt design

Feeling Kinky? Vanilla is Boring! Not saying it’s bad, but it could use some spice. You can buy this t-shirt from kinkytease.com  

Daily Tee: Ice Kremlin by Konstantin Shalev

Konstantin Shalev is a creative artist, illustrator, IOS games designer, character designer based in Krasnodar Russia not far from black sea. After graduate with honor Kuban State University became a Freelance worker, doing jobs for some famous brands, always in… Continue Reading