Daily Tee: Vanilla Skice custom t-shirt design by akrapf

Something’s in the air! This summer t-shirt combines what makes life sweet and delicious. A design that’s as uplifting as a balloon! T-shirt deisgn by akrapf You can buy this t-shirt from lafraise.com  

Daily Tee: Vanilla is Boring! t-shirt design

Feeling Kinky? Vanilla is Boring! Not saying it’s bad, but it could use some spice. You can buy this t-shirt from kinkytease.com  

Daily Tee: Hamster in a cupcake t-shirt design

Funny hamster in a cupcake form. You can buy this t-shirt shana.com  

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Cookie T-shirt design by Phil Ryan

Mashed up the movie poster for one of my favourite movies… Jaws, and one of my favourite Sesame Street characters to make this design. This was submitted to the threadless.com / Sesame St. design completion and was chosen to be… Continue Reading