Daily Tee: Inked Cat t-shirt design by Moncheng

Inked Cat takes 3rd place in the One Color Only Contest. This cool cat tee takes noir to a whole new level. Paints drips and lines make fine details in this sophisticated design. Mens is printed with discharge inks and… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Black Metal Cats custom t-shirt design by ADAMLAWLESS

Black Metal is back from the 80’s and it wants it’s face paint back! Black Metal Cats depicts our favorite domesticated pets as you have never seen them before. Cats and rock meet on the corner of awesome. Printed on… Continue Reading

Rock Instinct custom t-shirt design by kreadid

T-shirt design by kreadid T-shirt available at lafraise.com  

Daily Tee: Grumpy Cat Love t-shirt design by Withapencilinhand

Grumpy Cat Love T-shirt designed by withapencilinhand You can buy this t-shirt from society6.com  

Daily Tee: Hamster in a cupcake t-shirt design

Funny hamster in a cupcake form. You can buy this t-shirt shana.com