Samurai Warrior, Kids tee design by Barney

Japanese warriors rose in the 12th Century as an elite fighting force known as the samurai. These stoic defenders represent bravery, honor, and loyalty above all. Wear this design with pride or hang it on your wall as a daily… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: NEW 3RA custom t-shirt design by Jieyi

You can buy this t-shirt from T-shirt design by jieyi  

Daily Tee: Perkercher t-shirt design

T-shirt available at  

Daily Tee: Ass-Backwards Tee (Dolls) t-shirt design

100% cotton tee featuring the infamous bubble boy expressing the very definition of what makes SSA tees original. Straight up, our designs are ass-backwards and don’t always make sense, but they look clean and will match easily with your shoes.… Continue Reading