Daily Tee: Ames Bros Wicked smart t-shirt design

T-shirt designed by Ames Bros You can buy this t-shirt from amesbrosshop.com  

Daily Tee: French Bulldog t-shirt design

Oui oui, huh huh! Et bonjour! I am zee French bulldog! I am not like zee English bulldog, non non! English bulldog is — how you say? — big and slow. Zey have big heads and — what is zee… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: My Anglish design by IKS

Classic, casually cut T-shirt, 100% combed cotton. Softhanded screen print. Limited edition of 500 shirts. A provocative shirt for those who like snails, baguettes and berets – basically for those who love the French! Sorri mi freind, excuse my Anglish.… Continue Reading