Unity, t-shirt design by Grant Stephen Shepley

You can buy this t-shirt from threadless.com – Grant Shepley aka Gamma-Ray design  

The Grand Phoenix, t-shirt design by SNAPNFIT!

Unleash your inner fire and rise. The Phoenix knows a little something about reinventing yourself. Feel like a whole new you when you wear this design on leggings. Or take it with you on a beach towel for days that… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Burning Lies Re-Inked custom t-shirt design from seventhink

Burning Lies is coming back with a new color scheme! A fan favorite design that has been touched up and brought back in a new color scheme. Oversized design, tagless and printed with water based inks on American Apparel. You… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Marine Sarge from The Mountain

You can get this t-shirt from themountain.me  

Daily Tee: Zombie Kingdom t-shirt design from Cherry Sauce Clothing

Everyone’s favorite kingdom has been infected with a taste for flesh. A love for both the videogames of our youth and an affinity for the living dead has brought them together. Gather up your coins and get one, this is… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Last Goodbye by buko

The last day on earth might just look like this. Bright yellows and oranges fill the viser of the pilot. The Last Goodbye tells the story of the dude who fires the final blast. Brilliantly simple but the message is… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Dark side of the firework t-shirt design

Who doesn’t enjoy watching fireworks! Dark Side of the Firew-shirtork is an abstract piece of fireworks bursting into the dark sky. Set some fireworks off in this unique tee. You can buy this t-shirt from .designbyhumans.com  

A funny project: 23 images of sexy sweaters

A funny project created by Alec, you can see them all at sexy-sweaters.com