10 Kandinsky men’s t-shirt design

10 Kandinsky men's t-shirt design

It doesn’t get much more abstract than, Wassily Kandinsky. As a pioneer of modern art, the Moscow-born painter and art theorist, felt an intense desire to convey both spirituality and depth of human emotion through his work. His abstract forms… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Le Coucher du Soleil custom t-shirt design by MrWayne

Sleep tight, dear sun, and don’t let those bed bugs bite! The moon is a good storyteller and has no trouble putting the sun to sleep behind the city of lights. A great graphic design shirt for the nappers, slumberers… Continue Reading

Last Day On Earth t-shirt design by expo

A frozen image of thousands of years ago, memories of mammoth’s last day on earth. T-shirt design by expo. You can buy this t-shirt from designbyhumans.com.  

LOFT Design by LOVE t-shirts for This Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day looms I ask my self What is Love? Baby don’t hurt me, but don’t they always do? Well, if your in love, falling out of love, or looking to rekindle your love and don’t want to be… Continue Reading