Let go your dark side t-shirt design

Darth Vader in Banksy’s world Design by Lim Heng Swee You can buy this t-shirt from Artist’s Shop  

Daily Tee: Vader Victory custom t-shirt design from moretvicar

Naughty boys from Chunk re-invent Usain Bolt’s victory salute on a 100% Navy Cotton T shirt. Clever graphic typical of the Chunk brand. Crew Neck Tee Shirt with discharge print. Chunk’s graphic equalizer logo raised rubber print on the back-neck… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Megan Fox in Star Wars

Megan Fox in a sexy Star Wars t-shirt, a geeks dream has just come true! We’re not sure from where you can buy this t-shirt, but we’re sure it looks good on Megan. So, go ahead, ask her out!