Black Cat collage t-shirt design

Black Cat collage t-shirt design

        Black Cat Collage Design by soullook You can buy this t-shirt from Artist’s Shop  

Daily Tee: Black Cat Magic custom t-shirt design by Victor Calahan

In Great Britain, black cats are seen as lucky and are often given in token form to brides. The Scottish believe that a strange black cat’s arrival to the home signifies prosperity. In Celtic mythology, a fairy known as the… Continue Reading

Le Chat Noir Swimsuit by blackmilkclothing

This print is actually a poster for a 19th century Parisian cabaret club. Le Chat Noir is generally accepted as the first modern cabaret, and this print by Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen is probably the most famous advertisement for a raucous destination… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: The Alley Cat T-shirt Design by Niel Quisaba

Cotton and polyester blend makes for super soft fleece. Reinforced pocket and zipper stitching, plus cord control (a nifty slit inside the right pocket plus an interior loop). Unisex sizing to fit both guys and girlies T-shirt designed by nielquisaba… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Black Kitten Face t-shirt design

Easily entertained by yarn, instant YouTube stars, and professional nappers—cats have got it made. Try your hand at living a fierce feline existence with the Black Kitten Face Tee. Thanks to The Mountain’s unique printing process, it’s hard to tell… Continue Reading