Daily Tee: The Return of the Red Scarf custom t-shirt design by wolfinger

Pandas are awesome, pandas on scooter flying through the air are double awesome. The Return of the Red Scarf is a fun tee depicting a panda on a moped with his scarf flapping in the wind. Monochrome art complimented with… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Hell Rider custom t-shirt design by adamlawless

Hellish cat who eat human roaming to find its victim! T-shirt design by adamlawless You can buy this t-shirt from designbyhumans.com  

Daily Tee: Rhinoceros on a Bike by darkcycleclothing

Rhinoceros on a bike! In the plains of Africa this Rhino noticed his elephant friend has been getting increasingly fit and has had more energy than usual. “My Elephant friend,” said the Rhino, “I’ve noticed a change in your demeanor,… Continue Reading