Daily Tee: I Hate Mondays by Kyra Teppelin

Oh shit it's monday custom t-shirt design

Oh NO! It’s Monday again? Photo by Kyra Teppelin, t-shirt from New Yorker   Incoming search terms to this post:life is a joke moustache

20 T-shirts designs with Vampires…mythological or real?

Vampire custom t-shirt design

Vlad the Impaler Men’s Shirt from zazzle.com Vampire Elegant Gothic Lettering T Shirts from zazzle.com Vamp Girl Tee Shirts from zazzle.com Nosferatu Shirt from zazzle.com Visit Transylvania! T-shirts from zazzle.com Bad night from beta.threadless.com Fang and wings beta.threadless.com Real Vampires… Continue Reading

Holidays specials: sales, offers, discounts, promotions and more

christmas, winter, holiday, t-shirts, designs, sales, offers, discounts, promotions, deals

Winter holidays are at our door, Christmas is in the air so a special post covering t-shirts sales, discounts, promotions and more was more than needed and expected. Here are some of the most appealing offers to choose your gifts… Continue Reading

Evian: Live Young advertising campaign t-shirts designs

Evian Live Young custom t-shirt design 7

The shirts are a part of a campaign for pure bottled water, showing a wide range of faces and skin tones matches with an image of the wearer as a baby. Far beyond Evian’s ad campaign, the shirts themselves are… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Megan Fox in Moustache tees from Eleven Paris

Eleven Paris Megan Fox custom tee design 2

Eleven Paris Megan Fox T-Shirt features V-neck with short sleeves. This White coloured T-Shirt for men has large graphic print of the sexy Megan Fox to the front with ‘life is a joke’ text to the bottom. It is designed… Continue Reading

Grey Knight Armored hoodie by Chadwick J. Dillon

GREY KNIGHT custom armor jacket hoodie design

More than just a hooded sweatshirt, this is the only hoodie built like a suit of armor. Featuring attached chest plates, spauldrons, rebracers, couters and gauntlets and moveable/removable faceplate and visor, this is the original Grey Knight Armored Hoodie from… Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Megan Fox in Star Wars

Megan Fox in a sexy Star Wars t-shirt

Megan Fox in a sexy Star Wars t-shirt, a geeks dream has just come true! We’re not sure from where you can buy this t-shirt, but we’re sure it looks good on Megan. So, go ahead, ask her out!  … Continue Reading

Daily Tee: Tuxedo Gangnam t-shirt, Gangnam style dance tux

Tuxedo Gangnam T-Shirt - Gangnam Style Dance Tux Tee, Psy Tee Shirt, women custom Tshirt design

You can buy it from: ebay Just in case you’ve missed it (even thou we seriously doubt about it) here’s the Gangnam Style. Now you can listen it again and again while you try out your new Gangnam outfit. Want… Continue Reading

Helvetitee, your own custom Helvetica t-shirt design

Helvetitee Helvetica custom made tee #trending design

Helvetitee is a new website and project where you can design your own tee using Helvetica typeface. “Custom Tee. No Bullsh*t. Think of a message. Type it out. Order. Free delivery worldwide. We hand typeset in Helvetica Neue, print using… Continue Reading